India (Country Explorers)

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India (Country Explorers)

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Rating : 4.60 (945 Votes)
Asin : 0822589923
Format Type : paperback
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
Publish Date : 2015-08-05
Language : English


DONALD G. FOX said An excellent introduction to the land and peoples of India. This book intended for young people is an excellent introduction to not only the geography of India, but to the peoples of India, their histories and cultures. The first thing that impressed me was the large fonts and bright illustrations and photographs. Each two-page spread focuses on one aspect of India such as geography, ancient migrations, religion, urban living, families, languages and dialects, and Bollywood. The authors invite readers to. sad example of book One of the worst written books. Really sad to see this kind of writing being accepted by parents for their kids. Wordplay is sad, uninspiring. Its quite obvious that the author knows nothing about the subject, but fact of the matter is that he doesn't even know how to make use of avaliable information or "inspiration".

He has written more than twenty-five non-fiction books for young people, including biographies and books on history and geography. His volumes in the Biography® series include Legends of Dracula, Jesse Owens, Queen Cleopatra, Jack London, and Edgar Allan Poe. Mr. Tom Streissguth lives in

Each book opens with a map of the nation and contains two-page chapters on topics such as family, school, getting around, sports, and food. Unfortunately, there are so many illustrations, photographs, and sidebars on each spread that it is sometimes difficult to follow the text from one page to the next. There is also a spelling error; one city is written as Bariloche and Barlioche. In Argentina, there are contradictory sentences, including the claim that no ancestors of the modern-day Indians still live, as opposed to the statement that their great, great, great grandchildren live in the mountains. For example, India opens with, "India takes up a lot of space on the continent," which may be true, but does not describe its size in a way useful to students seeking information. The "True Book" series titles (Children's), although slig

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