Kawasaki KZ650 1977-1983

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Kawasaki KZ650 1977-1983

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Format Type : paperback
Number of Pages : 320 Pages
Publish Date : 2013-10-10
Language : English


John Conner said Both books were delivered early and in good order. To bad I get them dirty working. This the second Clymer book I ordered from Amazon. I was so impressed from my first book for my kz1000 that I ordered this one for my kz650. These books have accurate information and illustrations for a complete rebuild if needed. They separate the variations between years and models. Both books were delivered early and in good order. To bad I get them dirty working with them.. C.R.Antoniak said CLYMER KAWASAKI KZ650 FOURS MANUAL. This is the book you have to have. I had to re-tune my bike (1978 KZ650D SR) for 11,000+ feet in Colorado. The previous owner messed with everything and had no idea what he was doing. In order to get the carbs back to square-one I had to have this book. Plenty of good info, advice and pictures.. LIFE SAVER Shawn I dont think anyone ever got more use from one of these manuals than I have since purchasing the book. I tore down and put back together my entire bike and would not have been able to do without this item. I have never taken a motor apart in my life and when the shop wanted 1,000.00 to do the head gasket on my bike I figured I needed to learn how to do this myself. If you can follow directions and are willing to take your time then this book is perfect for you.It was for me.

KZ650B, KZ650C (Custom), KZ650D (SR), KZ650E (LTD), KZ650F, KZ650H (CSR)