Ten Best Jewish Children's Stories

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Ten Best Jewish Children's Stories

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Publish Date : 2015-05-13
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Stories from the Talmud and ancient Jewish sources. Each illustrated story expresses a wonderful moral concept that young chidren can readily relate to.

Selections include the familiar "How Could It Be Worse?," "For the Love of Two Brothers," "Nicanor's Golden Doors," and "Yosef's Love for the Sabbath." Less familiar are "God's Hidden Ways" (sometimes misfortune saves one from a tragedy), "More Valuable Than Gold" (the value of honoring one's father), "The Scorpion and the Wedding" (an act of kindness and charity saves a sage's bride from being bitten by a sorcerer's scorpion), and "The Shadow on the House of Study" (it is permissible to do ordinarily forbidden activities on the Sabbath to save a life). There is one treasure here?"The Chickens That Turned into Goats." Never mind what it teaches?it is perfect on its own. The stories are simply told and stripped to their oral-storytelling essentials. The artist draws great goats and wonderfully expressive human faces and hands in a dr