The Sleeping Beauty

Read [Trina Schart Hyman Book] ^ The Sleeping Beauty Online ^ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free. The Sleeping Beauty Enraged at not being invited to the princess christening, the thirteenth fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years.]

The Sleeping Beauty

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Rating : 4.50 (805 Votes)
Asin : 0316387029
Format Type : paperback
Number of Pages : 48 Pages
Publish Date : 2016-05-04
Language : English


Moods and expressions are rendered exquisitely, especially those of the wild, red-haired beauty Briar Rose. How could everyone in a castle--even the flies on the walls--sleep for a century and then wake up? This magical, beautifully illustrated tale begins when the king excludes the most difficult fairy of the kingdom from a feast celebrating the birth of his beautiful daughter Briar Rose. But goodness and true love prevail when the perfect prince does finally find his way through the thick vines. Hyman depicts those

Enraged at not being invited to the princess' christening, the thirteenth fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years.

Heidi Anne Heiner said One of my favorite versions. Hyman is a wonderful illustrator and her version of Sleeping Beauty is beautiful. It is one of the best versions since Edmund Dulac's classic illustrations. In fact, I don't have many favorite versions that have been published in the last fifty years. This is the version of Sleeping Beauty that I prefer to keep on my shelf for r. "Spectacular Illustrations" according to Leah S. Smith. This book tells the traditional story of Sleeping Beauty with magnificent language, accompanied by spectacular illustrations. As in the original, Sleeping Beauty's mother is told that her dream of having a child would finally come true and that she would have a baby girl. The Queen did have the baby girl and her husband was so p. A beautiful yet dark version of the classic fairy tale. This is a very traditional telling of the Sleeping Beauty story, based on the fairy tale originally written down by the Brothers Grimm. There is no real innovation where the plot is concerned. What makes the book special is its beautiful illustrations. Trina Schart Hyman is a talented artist, and her drawings are a treat to look